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Go Jetters Toys. Vroomster and Jet Pad HQ

Go Jetters is a 3D animated children’s TV series which is currently shown on the CBeebies TV channel. It has been made for ages 4 to 6.

Go Jetters is all about the adventures of four heroes, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, as they travel the world with their teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn. The TV show uses songs and music to explain facts about foreign countries and different environments.

Go Jetters also has villains. The Go Jetters villains are Grandmaster Glitch and the Grimbots. Grandmaster Glitch loves dirt and having fun, which usually involves destroying or using a landmark to carry out his plans. He has a large moustache, used as his trademark. He calls the Go Jetters “No-Jetters” and often says “Grimbles!”. He goes around in his Grimbler, which is a little rusty ship.

Grimbots are spherical robots and are Grandmaster Glitch’s minions. They look after the headquarters and in the jet as well as getting up to no-good.

Every episode of the Go Jetters is based around a similar structure. This includes the Go Jetters being aboard their Jet Pad and are heading to a new location to discover a landmark. On the way Ubercorn gives the Go Jetters his top 3 ‘funky facts’ about the location they are going to visit. Then they discover the landmark has been altered by Grandmaster Glitch and the Grimbots. The Go Jetters then have to save the landmark with extra gadgets and once the landmark is saved a selfie is taken!

Go Jetters Toys

Mattel are producing the line of Go Jetters toys. These toys include figures, vehicles, plush, play-sets and role-play lines. The Go Jetters collection kicks off with a line of character action figures featuring Lars, Kyan, Xuli and Foz, each with a collectable play-piece called Click-Ons, as well as an iconic landmark related to their own adventures.

Then comes the vehicles with Grandmaster Glitch and his Grimbler, as well as the Go Jetters Vroomster featuring Xuli.

The Go Jetters Jet Pad Headquarters playset is the main play set. The Go Force Weather Launcher comes with five weather discs to get little Go Jetters engaged in role-play. There is also a Talking Ubercorn Plush who will join the range later in the summer 2016.

Go Jetters Jet Pad HQ

Push the Jet Pad along on rolling wheels and press the button on the side booster to activate sounds and project an image on the floor in front of the Jet Pad. The Jet Pad opens up to reveal the Go Jetters’ headquarters, just like on the TV show. The Secret room features two exclusive click-ons inside the G.O. Boots and the G.O. Grab. You also get the Kyan figure included. You can also fit four more of the Go Jetters figures inside the Jet Pad HQ, these are sold separately.

The Go Jetters Jet Pad HQ is available from Argos , Hamleys , John Lewis and The Toy Shop

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Go Jetters Vroomster

The Go Jetters Vroomster is a vehicle featured in the Go Jetters TV series. The Vroomster features lights and sounds, rolling wheels and includes a Kyan figure. You can fit all four Go Jetters figures inside the Go Jetters Vroomster (other figures are sold separately and subject to availability). You can pull out the side boosters for figures to peg onto and ride outside. Plus you can close the dome and press the Go Jetters star logo button for a head’s up display illumination feature! Batteries are included (for a change!).

The Go Jetters Jet Pad HQ is available from Argos , Hamleys , John Lewis and The Toy Shop

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go jetters vroomster

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