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Disney Infinity is no more

No more Disney Infinity…what? Yes it’s true Disney have decided to stop producing new Disney Infinity content including game packs, toy box upgrades, new figures etc. The last 2 sets of Disney Infinity will be Alice Through the Looking Glass, due in May 2016, and a Finding Dory set to coincide with that film’s release in June 2016.

The problem is my son (age 8) and I have just got into the Disney Infinity world by way of me buying him the Star Wars Republic starter pack for Xbox 360 for his 8th birthday. We enjoyed playing it together on the split screen mode and we soon finished the levels but we have left lots of extra game play still to complete.

The only 2 things to be really annoying is that occasionally after a long session the game freezes, I originally thought this was the Xbox 360 overheating so I have raised the power pack and the console to let more air in, but it does not crash on other games like Minecraft, so now I think it is Disney Infinity and not the console. My other gripe is not really with the game but with my son, can he please stop lifting my character up and throwing me around! that gets so annoying!

I have now purchased Star Wars Rise of the Empire set which gives us Luke and Leia characters in the pack and all the classic worlds of Tatooine, Hoth and Endor.

I am sure this won’t be our last pack as when The Force Awakens pack goes a little cheaper I shall also buy that and maybe the odd figure like Boba Fett and Chewbacca. I am also interested in buying the Toy Speedway in order to have some Mario Kart races.

But does this mean that Disney have stopped making the current sets, will supply now dry up? Does this also mean that the price of the Disney Infinity figures and sets will now heavily increase on the second hand market or even brand new sets may go up in price if supply starts drying up or does it mean prices will come down as retailers try to sell off the range of Disney Infinity they have stock of?

Is it time to start buying some classic characters and not opening the boxes, but keep them sealed and hidden away for ten years to see if they become collectible like original Star Wars figures did.

Another problem is that Microsoft have also stated they are no longer making the Xbox 360. One good thing about Disney Infinity was that the characters could be used on any console, it was just the launch pad and the software that had to be purchased for different consoles.

Disney Infinity can still be found at video game stores online like Simply Games, 365Games, Gameseek and Base.com as well as larger retailers such as Argos and of course new and second hand on eBay

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