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Lego Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium Review

This Lego Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium 75094 set is my latest set bought in March 2016 for myself and my 7 year old son to build over Easter. To me the Shuttle Tydirium is an iconic Star Wars vehicle that first featured in Return of the Jedi and has featured in animated Star Wars episodes as well as many times in the Star Wars Battlefront game.

Lego Shuttle Tydirium

The Build

The box contains 6 bags of lego, a small number of stickers and an instruction book.

There are 5 minifigures included in the set. There is Han Solo in Endor costume, an aged Chewbacca. Leia in Endor costume and two rebel soldiers, both of them are also in Endor costumes with really nice battle helmets.

We decided to space out the Lego build and not do it all in one day. So we decided to complete one bag per day to make it last 6 days.

There are some really nice touches on the Lego Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium, these include a moving ramp which easily stays up when required. There are also some moving landing legs which retract out of the way which can be easily moved into place for landing. Another nice thing in the Lego Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium is the way the launching of the torpedo’s has been handled. In this build there are some white spring loaded buttons to press to launch the missiles, and they are easy to get to.

Bag Contents

Bag 1 starts you building the main body of the shuttle and placing the passenger seats in. This bag includes the two rebel soldiers.

Lego Shuttle Bag 1

Bag 2 adds in the wing attachment areas and arms.

Lego Shuttle Bag 2

Bag 3 has you building the front and rear guns as well as adding the landing gears, computer console and the rear engines.

Lego Shuttle Bag 3

Lego Shuttle Bag 3

Bag 4 now you can build Princess Leia, plus build the top wing section.

Lego Shuttle Bag 4

Lego Shuttle Bag 4

Bag 5 sees you building and attaching both of the side wings.

Bag 6 this final bag has you building and adding the cockpit of the shuttle. You also get Han Solo in Endor costume and Chewbacca.

Completed Shuttle Tydirium

The Shuttle Tydirium’s wings completely rotate round so they can be in the landing position or can be moved downward into flight position.

Not many stickers in this Lego set, which may be a good thing, there are actually only about 5 stickers.

There are a few accessories with the set including a box which contains thermal detonators and there is a small accessory block that holds a backpack and extra weapons.

In the set there are 4 green missiles. 2 are placed ready to fire with the other 2 placed inside the shuttle. I originally placed mine on the inside of the door flaps as detailed in the instructions, but they kept falling out. So I found some unused clips inside the cargo hold and clipped them both into these.

In the cockpit there is space for Han and Chewie, Han can hold his blaster, but Chewie can’t. So I put Chewbacca’s bowcaster into the cargo hold, there is hole for the handle to fit into.

Design Changes?

I do love this shuttle and the build is brilliant, but there is only one disappointment and that is with the legs. They keep moving under the weight of the shuttle.  They move forward or backwards and have to be well balanced to keep the shuttle sitting properly. A mod is needed here.

While I think about it a more minor change could be to have a slow release on the cockpit as when you raise it up it can come straight back down, and sometimes you want it to stay up on its own.

The colour of this Lego build is white, but in the films wasn’t the Shuttle Tydirium grey? Maybe the next version of this Lego set will be in grey.

Overall thoughts

This is an impressive set and the wings appear massive, especially when you get to move them all the way down for flight. This would look really good is hung from a ceiling.

Overall a classic Star Wars Lego set and a good build.

You can buy the Lego Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium 75094 set online from John Lewis , ArgosThe Toy Shop , ToysRUs or direct from the Lego Shop .

Lego Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium Build

Princess Leia in Cargo Hold

Lego Shuttle Troops in Cargo Hold

Lego Shuttle Cockpit

Lego Shuttle Bag 6

Lego Endor Troop

Princess Leia Endor Lego

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