Star Wars Drones Laser Battling Quadcopters

Star Wars drones  have been released in a limited edition range from Hamleys . There are three Star Wars drones to choose from including Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter, X Wing or an Endor Speeder Bike.

Each Star Wars drone is presented in a high quality presentation box and display case in one.

The Star Wars drones can all fly at speeds up to 35mph with their reverse propulsion blade system. Each quadcopter features 3 speed settings, for beginner to advanced pilots. They can also do push button 360 aerial stunts.

The other great thing about the Star Wars drones is that you can have laser battles with them and knock each other out of the sky.

Star Wars Speeder Bike Drone

The Star Wars speeder bike drone allows you to relive the classic scenes in the forest of Endor with the 74-Z speeder bike. Now you can race or battle with friends.

I can imagine several of these speeder bikes together having a race at full speed along the grass.

Buy yours from Hamleys now and get Free Delivery. Direct Link


Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Drone

The X-Wing drone is an excellent rendition of the X Wing from Star Wars with the 4 rotors on the bottom of the wings and two on arms at the front of the drone to balance the flying.

Buy yours from Hamleys now and get Free Delivery. Direct Link


Star Wars Darth Vader Drone

This is the Star Wars X1 Tie Advanced Fighter as used by Darth Vader in Star Wars. This is a nice model as the four rotor blades are strategically placed underneath each corners of the tie fighter so they don’t look out of place and seem hidden. So this looks like a real tie fighter flying along.

Imagine putting the X wing and the Tie Fighter head to head in a laser battle.

Buy yours from Hamleys now and get Free Delivery. Direct Link


Where can I buy a Star Wars Drone?

The Star Wars drones are all priced at £199 each and available from Hamleys now with Free Delivery.

Delivery will be from 11th November onwards.

These are set to be one of the top selling toys at Hamleys for Christmas 2016.

Buy yours from Hamleys now and get Free Delivery.

star-wars-speeder-bike-drone-box star-wars-x-wing-drone-box star wars tie fighter drone box

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