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What are these hatchimals that have just hit the shops and are already difficult to get hold of? Details are limited, but we know they are produced by SpinMaster and retail for £59.99.

Hatchimals are interactive magical creatures inside eggs! Who’s inside? It’s a surprise! Care for them, and with your love, they will hatch themselves with your help.

What do we know about Hatchimals?

Included in your Hatchimals box is 1 Hatchimals, 1 Instruction Sheet. Hatchimals are articulated, so move they are made from plastic and fabric. Dimensions are 10 inches by 5.75 inches. They weigh 1.76 pounds. Hatchimals are for 5 years and up and finally 2x AA batteries are included, although some websites say they are not included – but surely they must be to get the egg to hatch and the electronic eyes of your hatchimal to light up when in the egg.

There are 2 types of Hatchimal – a Penguala and Draggle egg. The Penguala egg is in 2 colours, teal and pink and the Draggle comes in purple and green colours.

Hatchimals maker revealed that Hatchimals integrates advanced technology in ‘new and unexpected ways to bridge multiple play patterns’.

Buy a Hatchimal

Hatchimals are officially launched on October 17th, but they can be pre-ordered.

Pre-Order a Hatchimal today from The Entertainer at their Toy Shop online store.

Pre-Order a Hatchimal today from Argos

Other places to look for Hatchimal stock includes John Lewis , Hamleys and eBay

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