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Soft and Slow Squishies To Buy

Squishies are everywhere. When the brilliantly squishable toys arrived on the scene there was no real branded squishies. Most came from China, there are loads of these to choose from on Amazon UK.

Now we have Soft N’ Slo Squishies from the Character brand of toys which start from £4.99. Character stock 45 different Squishies on their website from £4.99 to £9.99
If you look on Amazon here you will find lots of Squishies in the Top 10 Toys list. Most of the ones we have seen are the new jumbo squishes. These squishes are still just a few pounds delivered and look enormous in the images.

What are Squishies?

Well they are just foam shaped items which are squishy in your hands. They are really a different kind of fidget toy.

They come in all shapes, colours and sizes and they vary greatly in price from a few pounds each up to around £10 each.

Some squishies are keyrings others are a lot larger. They are hugely collectible as well.

Types of Squishies

The main two themes of squishies seem to be of food or pets.

Food includes fruit, doughnuts, fries, cakes, ice cream, bread, yoghurt bottles, biscuits etc.

Pets like kittens, puppies, koalas, tigers, pandas, seals, penguins, whales and bunny rabbits.

There are also then the strange squishies like poo, teeth and unicorns.

The best squishies are those that are very soft and those that take ages to return to their original shape.

Where can I buy Squishies?

Take a look at these on Amazon UK – direct link

Look at the Slow and Soft squishies at Character Toys – direct link

Also take a look at eBay there are lots on there – direct link

Some maybe posted from China, do expect to wait a little longer for these to be delivered, even if you order through Amazon .

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SuperZings Collectable Toys Range

SuperZings are a new range of toy collectibles, which have been created by the same people that created Star Monsters and Zomlings.

SuperZings come from Kaboom City, SuperZings are everyday objects blessed with extra-special abilities. What’s more, each figure has its own unique rival for never-ending battles.

Clad in superhero capes and eye masks, SuperZings are everyday objects brought to life in a comical hero vs. villain theme. All figures have their own superpower and profile, use colourful Supercars to get around and live in cool Hideouts which can also be used to launch characters into the air!

From Mr Carrot with his super vision to the highly slippery Bad-nana, each SuperZing has its own profile, unique look and talents. With over 80 quirky characters in series 1, SuperZings are the crazy collectibles with added super powers!

Each character is part of a certain team. There is the Star Team, Furious Gang, Central Patrol, Mutant Bandits, Cool Troop and Mad Clan.

Just some of the rival characters are listed below:

  • Airblast vs Kactor
  • Ironhead vs Coink
  • Metal Crunch vs Darknetic
  • Sparky vs Elektron
  • Fizzer vs Mad Pop
  • TV-Tron vs Zapper
  • ACE vs Smash
  • The Champ vs Pow Power
  • Tangle Boy vs Mad Blades
  • Coolizer vs Spice Bandit

SuperZings Toy Range (2018)

There is a SuperZings 10 figure pack that contains 9 characters and an ultra-rare figure. A great gift for ages four years and up.

There is a play set mission called Bakery Blast. This is the first exciting mission for your SuperZings collection and includes two rival characters for epic adventures. Jump in the Supercar and van then get ready to defend your hideout from the bad guys.

The SuperZings 4 figure pack contains three SuperZings and one rare silver figure. There’s also two hideouts, three superdiscs and one blaster included.

There is also a Rivals of Kaboom Series 1 Supercars to collect. These can be purchased separately.

Rivals of Kaboom Series 1 Tarp Action figures

Individual blind packs of individual figures are also available.

Where can I buy SuperZings?

Find SuperZings online at Amazon UK. You can also find them at The Toy Shop (The Entertainer) – direct link

Lego at Amazon