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Dropmix Music Mixing Game

Dropmix is the game that uses technology to encourage players to create unique mixes of songs by playing cards on a game board connected to an app.

Hasbro has developed its latest music mixing game, thanks to a new deal with video game developer Harmonix Music Systems.
Players blend popular songs from award-winning artists to create mind-blowing mixes. Get together and face-off with friends to master the mix.

Dropmix boasts an electronic board and 60 Dropmix cards across multiple music genres.

The Dropmix app is available for Android and Apple devices.

The board allows you to place your Android or Apple device at one end and run the app on it. Whilst your 60 mix/sound cards are dealt out and placed on one of 5 mixing slots in turn. Your card is then read by the board and it changes the mix and sound.

Now you can discover, experience and interact with music that’s social, fun and competitive. When players place their first cards on the Dropmix board and you hear your first mind-blowing mix, you’re going to be completely amazed!

When can I buy Dropmix?

Available from September 2017.

Where can I buy Dropmix?

Dropmix is available from all the usual online toy retailers including:

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Roblox Toys and Roblox Figures

Roblox Toys and Roblox figures are hitting the shelves because the free online game has taken the world by storm. I should know my son plays it quite a lot. The great thing about Roblox is there are so many different games you can play. My son plays Roblox on his Mac Mini through a browser, but you can now play Roblox on Xbox, Playstation, Windows and download it as an app on Apply iOS and Android.

So with Roblox being so popular it was only a matter of time before Roblox toys appeared.

Roblox Core Figures

There are core figures which you can buy, and you know which of these you are getting (unlike Lego minifigures) as you can see the figure in the transparent packet. These include Matt Dusek, Mr. Bling Bling and Lord Umberhallow. These figures are all 7cm tall.

Roblox Mystery Figures – Blind Box Figures

These figures come in a plastic grey cube (as shown above in the top image) and you only know what you will get once you open them up. These include 1 figures, accessories, a collector’s checklist and an exclusive virtual item code you can use in the game.

Roblox Game Packs

There are currently 2 Roblox toy game packs available (see the top image on the right). These are Roblox High School and Work at a Pizza Place.
Roblox High School set includes a boy and girl as well as accessories including books, skateboards and school lockers. You also get the exclusive virtual item codes.
The Work at a Pizza Place set includes the chef, a pizza delivery figure, scooter, and lots of pizza boxes as well as the exclusive virtual items codes that can be used in the game.

Champions of Roblox

In this set you get the 6 Roblox toy figures from the Korblox war which is happening against the Redcliff Kingdom.
The six figures you get include: Korblox Deathspeaker, Korblox Mage, Korblox General, The Overseer, Redcliff Elite Commander and Alar Knight of Splintered Skies.
Overall, the figures are quite good, the arms move at the shoulder and the legs bend at the hips and at the knees.

Where can I buy Roblox Figures?

You can purchase Roblox figures from all the main online toy retailers including:

Smyths Toys

The Toy Shop (The Entertainer) – direct link

Amazon UK – direct link

ToysRUs – direct link

Lego at Amazon