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Fingerlings Monkey Toys from WowWee

What are Fingerlings?

Fingerlings are produced by WowWee and are animals that grab onto things – like fingers!

Don’t confuse these fingerlings with fingerling potatoes!

There are a range of different Fingerling monkeys. The colours range from black, blue, purple, white, turquiose and pink.
The different coloured monkeys all have names as well, including Finn, Bella, Zoe, Mia, Sophie and Boris.

The Fingerlings Baby Monkeys come to life and have over 50 animations to let you know how they feel. You’ll fall in love with these silly critters and their realistic monkey sounds, cute blinking eyes and head turns.

Fingerlings respond to sound, motion & touch and will let you know when they like what you are doing! Blow them kisses and they will blow one back. They interact with each other, so collect them all!

Swing them, pet them and kiss them. You can even rock them to sleep!

Do Fingerlings need batteries, what sort?

The Fingerlings need batteries though and take 4 x LR44 batteries to work – these are included.

When are Fingerlings released?

Fingerlings are to be released on 1st March 2017 onwards.

Where can I buy Fingerlings?

The Fingerlings are available from The Toy Shop , Smyths Toys and Amazon UK priced around £14.99

The Toy Shopdirect link to Fingerlings

Amazon UK – direct link to Fingerlings

Lego at Amazon