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Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2016

It’s always difficult to predict the Top 10 toys for Christmas, even the Toy Retailers Association can get it wrong. We have been told that due to the success of Pokemon Go that Pokemon toys will be really popular for Christmas 2016. But no Pokemon toys feature in the Top 10 toys for Christmas that Amazon think are going to sell the most this Christmas.

So which toys do Amazon think will sell?

  • Furby Connect (Pink) – Hasbro
  • CHiP the Robot Dog – WowWee
  • Finding Dory My Friend Dory – Bandai
  • LEGO Nexo Knights General Magmar Siege Machine of Doom set – LEGO
  • FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin’ Dragon – Hasbro
  • Barbie 3-Storey Townhouse – Mattel
  • Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump Train Set – Mattel
  • Code-a-Pillar – Mattel
  • Nerf N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster – Hasbro
  • VTech Kidi Super Star – VTech

Most of these toys look quite familiar to other years with toys like Furby, Lego, Barbie, Thomas, Nerf and a VTech item all appearing again. Overall though it seems like a lot of toys are very interactive and with more using sophisticated learning electronics as well as a lot of toys now working together with apps.

Furby Connect Pink

furby connect pinkThis version of Furby Connect uses Bluetooth Smart technology to sync with the selected compatible device for Furby phrases, music and videos. Explore the app world and watch videos together to see Furby react! While playing in the app, take aim to feed Furby with the virtual food cannon or hatch and interact with Furblings in their world.

Furby Connect has expressive eyes, motions and phrases, you can put Furby to sleep with his eye mask. Furby has more than 1,000 phrases. Furby is for ages 6 and up. Furby requires 4xAA alkaline batteries (not included). Furby Connect World app works with select iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices.  Other colours are also available, although the pink edition is predicted to be the biggest seller.

Furby Connect Pink is available from Hamleys , John Lewis , The Toy Shop , Argos and eBay


Chip the Robot Dog

chip robot dogCHiP is an intelligent, friendly robot puppy. Chip uses advanced sensors and smart accessories, CHiP is always alert, and ready to play. How you respond uniquely shapes his behaviour, so your CHiP will have his own personality.

CHiP is your loyal robot companion with all the lovable qualities of a real dog. CHiP shows affection, learns new tricks and loves to play. Roll his ball and he’ll bring it back to you. Pick up his front legs and he’ll dance with you. Rub your nose against his and he’ll nuzzle right back.

CHiP is a technological breakthrough. Equipped with an adaptive personality, CHiP’s character changes and grows over time. His artificial intelligence algorithms are applied to data from a large array of high tech sensors. Real-time processing helps CHiP see, speak, listen, and feel, all while exploring his own world independently.

With Chip comes a smartband which allows Chip to recognise you as his owner. There is also a smartball  and Chip can go and fetch the ball and bring it back to you. Finally there is a smartbed and when Chip is low on power he will make his way back to his charging station.

Chip the Robot Dog is available from Hamleys , John Lewis , The Toy Shop , Argos and eBay

Finding Dory My Friend Dory

my friend doryMy Friend Dory! features motion activated sounds, 50+ phrases from the movie, and a real fish-like feel.

Spark your child’s imagination to recreate their favourite scenes to help Dory find her friends and family.

My Friend Dory changes sounds through motion and touch areas and her mouth and tail can be manually operated to make her eyes move.

Unfortunately Dory is for out of water play only, so don’t put her in the bath! What a shame they didn’t think of this, how many children will want to play with Dory in the bath.

For ages 4 years and over.

My Friend Dory is available from Hamleys , John Lewis , The Toy Shop , Argos and eBay

LEGO 70321 Nexo Knights General Magmar Siege Machine of Doom Construction Set

lego nexus knights general magmaThis is a new Lego set from the Nexo Knights range which accompanies the animated TV series. General Magmar is seeking the Book of Destruction to help Jestro create even more chaos in the realm of Knighton. Charge Clay Moorington into battle on his Hover Horse to stop him, and dodge the flying Globlins.

Accessory elements include the Book of Destruction, General Magmar’s cape, Flama’s fire helmet, Clay’s helmet, shield and NEXO Armor, 4 Globlin balls and 3 Globlin discs.

The Weapons included in this Lego set are General Magmar’s sword, Flama’s fiery sword and Clay’s Claymore sword.

This set is also interactive and you can the shields in the Nexo Knights app. 516 pieces are included.

Nexo Knights Lego is available from Hamleys , John Lewis , The Toy Shop , Argos and eBay

FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin’ Dragon

torch furreal dragonTorch is a cute interactive dragon. Kids can get carried away into a world of fantasy pet fun with Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon. Imagine that that he lives deep in an enchanted forest, inside a colourful crystal cave. One thing’s for sure — this adorable baby dragon with the fiery personality is full of fun and surprises. Take care of him and discover what exciting things this fantastical pet can do!

He can breathe flames – okay it’s coloured mist, you add distilled water.

You can also move Torch’s legs as they are poseable, and he responds with 50+ sound and motion combinations. You can also feed him his colour changing treat.

Torch is for ages 4 and up. Torch requires 4 ‘C’ alkaline batteries, not included and Torch prefers distilled water to create his coloured mist.

The Torch Dragon is available from Hamleys , John Lewis , The Toy Shop , Argos and eBay

Barbie 3-Storey Townhouse

barbie 3 storey townhouseThe Barbie 3-Story Townhouse is home to so many storytelling opportunities! The Townhouse has 4 rooms and a rooftop lounge, it’s complete with realistic details, make Barbie doll’s newest house ultra-deluxe.

Fabulous furniture and modern accessories inspire creativity and imagination. Fold up the house with accessories inside for easy and convenient storage; unfold with ease to start play!

The first floor features a kitchen and living room; the second is home to a bathroom and bedroom, plus a wardrobe to hang Barbie doll’s fashions! Travel between floors on the sleek child-activated elevator. When Barbie doll reaches the second floor, the rooftop opens up for a truly fun surprise complete with a colourful pop-up umbrella! On the first floor, a contemporary swinging chair in the living room opens up so Barbie doll can swing on the inside or the outside of the house. No Barbie dolls are included.

The Barbie 3 Storey Townhouse is available from Hamleys , John Lewis , The Toy Shop , Argos and eBay

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas’ Sky-High Bridge Jump Train Set

trackmaster-thomas-sky-high-bridge-jumpThis is the latest Thomas track set, and it’s quite large at 80cm long. In this Thomas and Friends set Thomas completes his most breath-taking stunt yet in the TrackMaster Sky-High Bridge Jump from Fisher-Price.

This Thomas & Friends train set breaks new ground by taking Thomas off the tracks and sending him soaring through the air, delivering speed, excitement, and motorized action like only TrackMaster train sets can!

This set is inspired by the Thomas & Friends DVD, The Great Race, Sky-High Bridge Jump brings the movie to life with fast-paced, flying thrills. After a tall, spiral ascent with Harold the helicopter, Thomas speeds down a huge ramp and the velocity launches him into the air! Thomas soars for over two feet (0,6 meters) through the air before landing safely on the other side and continuing his journey.

The Sky High Bridge Jump Train set is available from Hamleys , John Lewis , The Toy Shop , Argos and eBay

Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy

code-a-pillarCode-a-pillar is a caterpillar shaped toy which can help preschoolers to arrange an re-arrange the connected segments of the caterpillar in endless combinations. Doing this then sends code-a-pillar on his way. This learning toy encourages experimentation while developing important skills like problem solving, planning & sequencing and critical thinking. Every time children change and rearrange his segments, Code-a-pillar takes a different path. Every time – with cool sounds and lights wherever he goes!

This learning toy is aimed for little minds ages 3 through 6. Best of all, it’s not tablet- or app-based either, thus, freeing parents from worry about the effects of screen time. It also comes with batteries which is nice.

Another great thing is that extra sections can be purchased separately to add to the actions that code-a-pillar can do.

Code a Pillar is available from Hamleys , John Lewis , The Toy Shop , Argos and eBay

Nerf N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster

nerf tri strike blasterAnother year, another big Nerf blaster. Last year we had the Nerf Modulus blaster which could be highly configured and extra parts could be added to it. This year we have the tri-strike version.

The Tri-Strike version is still highly customisable but this time it can fire three different darts; Elite Darts, Mega Darts noise and missile launcher.

The tri-strike gives you 3 ways to blast, an Elite dart blaster, Mega dart barrel extension and Missile launcher stock. This Nerf blaster can be customised for each mission or battle. As part of the Nerf Modulus system, this blaster works with other Nerf Modulus upgrade kits and attachments (each sold separately). The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike blaster comes with 10 Elite darts, 4 Mega Whistler darts and 1 missile. Build, customise and battle with the Nerf.

The Nerf Tri-Strike is available from Hamleys , John Lewis , The Toy Shop , Argos and eBay

Vtech Kidi Super Star Toy

vtech kidi super starKidi Super Star is really a karaoke machine for Ages 6+. With Kidi Super Star you can sing along to all your favourite tracks and use the amazing Music Magic feature to remove the main vocals from your songs. Kidi Super Star can even change the sound of your voice with its built-in microphone effects.

Kidi Super Star also comes with loads of cool, interactive features such as being able to select different lighting styles for the colourful disco light, play fun rhythmic games and master tricky tongue twisters! You can even record yourself singing and add in different sound effects.

This sounds like a great toy for young and old on Christmas Day, can you imagine your whole family using this! I can.

The VTech Kidi Super Star toy is available from Hamleys , John Lewis , The Toy Shop , Argos and eBay

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Nocto Bat from Vivid

From Vivid comes one of 2016’s hottest toys – Nocto Bat. Nocto is the teenage bat with ‘battitude’ boasting over 50 interactive features.

Nocto bat features 6 different moods and modes. Each one has associated light colour, expressions, sounds and movements.

Nocto’s Moods and Modes

  • Chilled/Play
  • Angry/Protect
  • Happy/Flying
  • Energy/Music
  • Relaxed/Sleep
  • Moody/Games

Nocto can even sound an alarm when in protect mode. Nocto bat also comes with 4 interactive games and you can hang him upside down wherever you go as he comes with his own door frame hanger.

Nocto has a button sensor and a built in microphone. By pushing the button on his head or tummy button you can go into these modes:

Play Mode: There are 4 different games to choose from including Ask Nocto, a Fruit Machine Game, Rock, Paper Scissors and Snap.

Room Guard Mode: Put something in front of Nocto to protect, or put him in front of your room and he’ll protect it. If an intruder comes along, he’ll sound an alarm. To disarm him, double tap.

Music Mode: You can use your phone to play him music. He’ll tell you if he likes or dislikes your music. If he likes it, he’ll dance along to the beat. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll fold up his wigs and be really moody!

If you don’t play him music, he’ll tune into his own music radio station and dance along. Nocto can play 3 or 4 different music tracks.

Fly Mode: Take Nocto and he’ll flap his wings and get ready to launch. Lift him up and fly him around and he’ll flap his wings.

Sleep Mode: Pop him upside down on his perch and he can hang out! He’ll go to sleep and if you poke him too much he’ll get moody and wake up. When upside down, you can play his games and put him in room guard mode.

Nocto Details

• Suitable for age 3 years +
• Dimensions (HWD): 333 x 218 x 181mm
• Batteries required: 4 x AA (included)
• Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts. Choking hazard.
• EAN: 5025123617008.

Buy Nocto Bat

Nocto the bat is available online from The Toy Shop , John Lewis , Hamleys , Argos and eBay

nocto batnocto bat hanging

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Pokemon Z Ring

Hot on the heels of the successful Pokemon Go app, comes the Pokemon Z Ring. The new Pokemon Z-Ring interacts with Nintendo DS games Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon with sounds, lights and vibrations.

The new Z ring toy is an interactive replica of the bracelet worn by the lead character in the new video game titles and can be synched with the game play to emit sounds, lights and vibrations.

The bracelet will react throughout the game as players engage with the new Nintendo 3DS titles Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and employ the new Z-Move attack.

The Z-Ring will come with a collection of different coloured Z-Crystals, representing an element type. Children can insert different types of Z-Crystals into the Z-Ring for a range of different sounds and colours.

Pokemon Z Ring Set Contents

  • 3x Z-Crystals
  • Pikachu figure
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • Pokemon Z Ring

The new product is aimed at children aged four and upwards. The two AAA batteries are required and included with the set. Extra crystals are sold separately.

Using the Pokemon Z Ring

Made by Tomy, the Z-Ring accessory features special crystals (most of these are sold separately) corresponding with each of the 18 Pokémon types: Fire, Water, Grass, Smelly, Gassy, Delicious, Fairy, Dragon, Wheat, Medical Professional, Slurpee, Dark, Darker, So Dark, Capricious, Normal, Paramore and Totilo.

The Pokemon Z ring also lets players experience the thrill of Pokémon Sun and Moon’s new ultra-powerful Limit Breaks on your arm, vibrating, making noise and glowing to indicate you did a certain move or performed an action.

The user must have a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal first in order to achieve the Z-Move. It is not only the player who will be holding the crystal, but the Pokémon as well. The gamer must also collect different kinds of Z-Crystals which can be found around the Alola region in order to unlock new Z-Moves.

Electric type Pokémon can unleash the attack called Gigavolt Havoc, while a Grass type creature has the ability called Bloom Doom. Other types of moves that were shown were Inferno Overdrive for Fire type and Hydro Vortex for Water type Pokémon.

Buy a Pokemon Z Ring

Expect the Pokemon Z Ring to be a top seller when it comes out in November.

You can order your Pokemon Z Ring from The Toy Shop , Hamleys , John Lewis , Argos and eBay UK.

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Speak Out Board Game by Hasbro

Speak Out In Stock for £20 at The Toy Shop / The Entertainer – Direct link

Speak Out at Amazon UK for £19.37 Direct link

Hasbro Speak Out is the ridiculous mouthpiece challenge game.

After the success of Pie Face which was fueled by social media videos, comes Speak Out from Hasbro. Another simple game that can be as fun to watch as it is to play.

“Get ready to be doubled over with laughter with the ridiculous mouthpiece challenge game! The Speak Out game brings friends and family together for laugh-out-loud fun as players try to say different phrases while wearing a mouthpiece that won’t let them shut their mouth.”

Speak Out Contents

The game contains five mouth pieces and 200 double sided cards and a 1 minute sand timer.

So there’s not a lot to the game, but the best games are always the simple ones – look at pie face!

speak out box frontspeak out rear box back

Speak Out Rules

The aim of the game is to speak out challenging phrases whilst wearing a mouth guard. Such phrases include “Nifty Nuns Having Fun!” and “he’s my stealthy pet ferret name Garrett”, “slow down, you careless clown”, or “pelicans love pollywog falafels”.

The other players try to decipher what in the world their teammate is trying to say, and must correctly guess the phrase in order to earn the card. The team or person with the most cards at the end of the Speak Out game wins.

The game is targeted at 16 years old and over. Just remember to wash those mouth pieces before you put them away!

The back of the box provides you with the rules, caring for your mouthpieces and details on how to put your mouthpiece in.

Where can I buy Speak Out?

Speak Out is available at Argos , The Toy Shop , John Lewis , Hamleys and of course on eBay

Direct link to Speak Out at Amazon UK

Direct link to Speak Out at The Toy Shop

Direct link to Speak Out at John Lewis

Direct link to Speak Out at Hamleys for £26

Lego at Amazon